Team Pursuits

Owners: Tony & Janet Seahorn

TEAM PURSUITS is an education consulting, team building, and outdoor adventure business owned and operated by Tony and Janet Seahorn. Their focus is on increasing the potential of individuals and organizations through Personal Development and Team Building in an Outdoor Environment.

The majority of their business has involved the academic and corporate communities.

With the recent release of their new book: Tears of a Warrior, they are placing more emphasis on the importance of combat veterans and their role in today’s society.

TEAM PURSUITS hopes to make a difference in healing veterans and their families.

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NOTE:  Other books by Janet




A Book on How to Live with Dying and

Appreciate the Crap

$15   (includes S&H)

by Janet J. Seahorn Ph.D.


“Fowl Wisdom”

Identifing the Turkeys and Eagles in Your Organization and Life

$13   (includes S&H)

by Janet J. Seahorn Ph.D.


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Team Pursuits

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